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onsdag 5. september 2012

Holywood has to have at least one quirky director or botherhood of directors who can produce films that appeal to the educated and the gothic out there. After all, the middle class is growing in the west and the east.

The mantle fell largely upon Tim Burton and the Cohen Brothers, with perhaps Ridley Scott and now the new doyen, David Fincher.  But for sheer originality and the absolute balls and naievity to produce completely whacky films reminiscent of both art house and mad-cap 50s-70s US and EU films, it has to be Wes Andersen who has stolen the lime light.

The cohen brothers really have come up with some pretentious turkeys and even france macdairmad has now perhaps gone over to the Wes side. Burn after reading was an intense load of rubbish which failed to pick up on any thread of the "interest ether" being a kind of post cold war, burnt out spy movie. They threw enough money at the casting couch anyway which secured it sales, but my-oh-my what a turkey even if it did get a thanks giving in the cash tellers.

I await the local release of "Moonrise Kingdom" with some anticipation:_ wondering if it is largely autbiographical or if it somehow captures an earlier period form the 70s when the US was a good place to be a lower middle class kid with hippy parents.

Where the Life Aquatic blew me away, there was only a draft along the platform with the nattering owen wilson being kind of an irritation to an otherwise great concept which was lavishly executed. Bill Murray only had a Cameo, but he has stcuk to them for Moonrise. I wonder if like the Cohen brothers, Wes too will run out of creative genius and be wrapped up in what seemingly has become " another day at the office" for `Bros Cohen, Fincher, Scott and Burton.

onsdag 25. april 2012

Recycled breakthroughs

Like an iPod only paddier. . . . . I watch the bbc'so and nrk's various consumer technology shows and as I struggle to eat my way into the cyberbytes - nanoformation- i realise back up here. These multi-defracted media burps there is no substance. Technology is being regurgitated.

Pinch zoom and neat icons were kind of sexy five years ago, but tablets and touch interfaces go back many years in both science fact and fiction. We are being sold not new technology, but piconeed satisfaction. So long as x hundred million people are made aware, boom you have enough to retire aged 28.

Truly convergence onto mobile devices from technologies in other consumer electronics has leapt into our pockets at a rapid pace. But in fact the james bond super gadget i blogg on was envisaged when sean connery had hair and pussy galore was an in joke with cubby brocoli. Mobile comms cards with 3G capacity have been around a decade. Hand held gps's with in built  mobiles in the late 80s.

Fakebook; we had it before and the latest timeline treatment reminds me of myspace early days and the first multicontent dynamic web sites ten years ago. Friends reunited crossed a vital fail by not giving enough away Free! Like apps today, they should have had drift to a premium cool service instead of coralling our social media interactions before pay. Thanks for doing all the beta work for FB guys, fail away on your scroogeness.

Neither is twitter new: microbloggs going back to phone freaking and the even earlier days of te internet when data traffic was experimental or personal communications frowned upon.

Now we have endless slicing and dicing of the reguritated version 3.11
(remember when bill gates finally let us all get windows? True nerd style win 3.11) social media. Everyting reserved to you through your phones media surface or the latest web junky social media puker.

Steve Jobs new he had to get the new flagship out and then do a suprising left hook with the super slim iPad two. He had to be first to marketing. Tablets have been around. The iTablet needed to work well and sell itself after steve did his show. The late starters in android are lready discounting, MS can be considered srill on the blocks with win 8 touch interface. None of them will be able to command the price premium Apple can. Jobs owns the style segment post mortum.

What has changed is the pace and style of marketing in product, place, promotion and most of all a new P: people. Who is seen with the good but way overpriced offerings of Apple? The in-crowd . . Yeah the cybercognicentii. The same type of conspicious urban consumers who have been letting you and I know they are indeed style and opinion leaders since at least the eighties if not when the apple was plucked off the shelf in the garden of eden.