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søndag 28. august 2011

more on layers

Layer for extended dynamic range, colour correcion, sky/background adjustments are the next exeriment for me.

Brikk333 presents the following quick fix for a washed out sky

okay, at the risk of being too technical:

1. Duplicated the original layer, and then on top of it created a bright luminance mask (which masks out everything but the brighter areas of the photo.

2. picked a cyan/blue that seemed pleasing to my eye in terms of a blue sky, and painted over the unmasked areas.

3. That also obliterated the clouds, so on top of the painted area I added a gradient mask that removed the mask from the bottom and gradually less and less going up to the blue sky. And then on the underlying layer, in blending options, I played with the white blend if slider until it brought out all of the whte clouds.

Entire process - about 5 minutes.

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