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mandag 13. oktober 2014

A Quandry of Choice.....Choosing a Compact and A New System

Ok let us get into this, I am at a quandry ...what to buy, and when....

Firstly Compact, specifically ...Am I Madly in Love with the Panasonic LX100?

LX100  Lumix DMC Range from Panasonic

It is a real shame that this camera has been lumped in the LX range because it really is an mFT camera, just with a single fixed zoom lens. So the LX5 to LX7 owners are all over the camera with claims from early jpegs that it is not as good a camera even or not worth the extra money. They should have called it a G WHZ..The gee whizz.

Here are the questions I should ask myself

What is this camera replacing? My DSLR?

No, but yes, it is replacing my DSLR only in so much as my mobile phone camera does. It is really a replacement to the HTC desire camera and also an old Konica periscope lens camera, which was not bad, still works actually.

Like my Pentax K1000, the E450 is going to stay, it is not worth selling and I love it.

Is the LX 100 worth the Money?

Well that is a big ask., Yes when on top of the LX7, no when compared to other cameras a hundred dollars either side of it perhaps.

It has EVF, 11 fps, 4k vid, in camera raw developer,  f1.7 and acceptable iso 3200 perf. All that has got to be 300 dollars at least more than the lx7.

Is it then, better value than going into mFT?

Micro Four Thirds is a bit of rip off IMHO until now that is, and then you have to think that they have a pro range which are not that much cheaper than good entry level full frame cameras.

The main reason the Lumic LX100 is better value than mFT is the fast lens. You have to pay 1200 USD for the 12mm (= 24mm ff) wide end fast f 2 ish zooms.

How Else Does it Beat mFT?

It beats it by size of course too. mFT plus the fast wide glass is not all that small, you have to go to the collapsing /retracting lenses and they are a lot slower. Basically this camera for artistic effect if not absolute sharpness, equals the 1000 usd 12-35mm panny and then you have no body.

Is this the Right Time to Buy a First of Type Camera?

Absolutely not!  I would be crazy to buy it, not knowing when it will be "obsolete" , outcompeted and therefore likely to crash in new price.

However I buy a camera as an investment and an excitement! I have had the E450 four and a half years, it is completely technically obsolete, yet on a sunny day or with a tripod it can take as good images as any 35mm film photographer could in the 1980s.

I would however, have been disappointed to be owning an XZ 2 now from Oly, with the new prices being half what they were, maybe in anticipation a 3 will be out soon, but that camera is quite obsolete. Once again though, if you thihnk of two years of shooting with a jacket pocket camera with that level of control and the great OOC colours then it would not be thrown away money, and now you have a camera to keep in the glove compartment.

Down Sides of the LX100?

Well the jury is still considering technical evidence. It can be that the lens is soft ish or that the jpeg engine settings need to be adjusted.

It is rather short on the long end, queue shanks pony zoom, but that lovely 24mm eq is what I am in for.

EXIF myself, well of course all my "peachy keepers" and shots I have sold or won competitions with have been done on the Olympus poor man's secret weapon, the FT 40-150 which has stellar glass encased in a plastic coat. It really is liz hurly naked under a black plastic mac'.

But given that before I used the fast primes on 35mm and also my mobile, or the nifty fifty 25mm now gets slung on the e450 on duller days, or light camera need days, then I am using zoom zoom gadget legs!

I think the long end is too short for really good portraits and especially candid shots. But that is where the crop zoom of quality images comes in, and also new ways of taking shots, with a smaller less obtrusive camera.


Well as BH point out and the Camera Store, they have taken out a level of twisting and turning. You basically go onto the dials and one twist and you have not only selected function, but also value for shutter or f stop. Combine both, then you are instantly in full manual without having to peer through the view finder, or on the camera sccreen and start finding where you were from your last settings.


Well until this year I was a bit anti video on DSLRs and so on, and generally saw video for us as kids poop for first time, gaa gaa, first day school....you know, flarey poor DR and just a fun record. In fact I just delegated it all back to the wife with the camcorder responsibility, which meant both less shots and also poorer attention to detail .

Then I went with the camera to a blue grass music festival out in the woods, and it was so cool to have video and sound. I have yet to cut a little film together, but I am hooked.

Ok sound has to be synced in, the in camera mike is probably useless, but EDR 4K video!???? I have gone from the stone age and am driving a porsche!

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