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mandag 8. november 2010

Why Olympus needs to keep an Entry Level E series

Just as I get into something, it is over. Like getting the last song the last greatful dead concert or whatever, I feel I have missed out on both the past and the potential future.

The trouble is Olympus are dropping all but the top FT cameras and also any real lens development. This means they are both cutting the grass roots of people searching for a quality, modest sized DSLR( or hybrid/bridge) and also not introducing any technical or cost advatages to the FT mount.

For now the PEN cameras have two drawbacks: slow lenses and expensive top range for medioce f stop Second: no inbuilt EVF. Olympus will now want to compete with the current G2/GH2...and they won't be there for two years.

Olympus have perhaps had too ambitious a range of DSLR cameras, trying to meet too many points in the market. I could see that throwing together all the 400-600 range for a mid priced body as their "entry" level would be more rational, given the faster glass which is proven to produce stunning results which they could pick FT onto. So instead of outcompeting the D3100s/ entry level Canons they would start at the D90 level:( a bit like BMW used to with the over priced 3 series. )

If oly' are working on theri own GH2 based on the current PEN with maybe a 14mpx chip and maybe some E5 kit on it, then an EVF is the only stumbling block for many users: but these would be users, already on the FT wagon. New users, upgrading from compact zooms by in large, would probably not flinch at a reasonable EVF.

So why drop DSLR apart from the top end E5?

Well there are less materials in muFT lenses at least, and so far a simpler construction sans mirror. They can concentrate on offering a stylish and very small high quality camera which leans on the Olympus heritage. In other words by price and margin, they can get some payback.

Now I have been dropping in some shots, some of which I took time over, some are truly P&S snapshots and I know most of them woudl not have been so good with an LCD only camera: the extra 300 euros for the PEN EVF seems like a poke in the eye to be honest!

Here are some more reasons, planned shots, snaps and lucky ones why Olympus should keep FT and an entry level camera:

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