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lørdag 9. oktober 2010

The E450 on carrots.....night vision

The four thirds system has had some comments for noise and slow ISO: this seems to be being beaten down with the qualities of the E5 and the panasonic range in muFT.

But here are some interesting shots

1) daytime scene from my friends balcony, taken with a hang over. Note the colours, boring photo taken because

2) this was the image as close to as the eye-saw-it, while we were out getting some air and red wine late in the evening the night before. This is nearly the end of dusk on an early October evening some weeks ago.

2"/f5.0/16mm(=32)/ISO100/Natural Colours

3) and here is what the E450 managed on MF and a long shutter speed: unbeleiveable colour and quite low noise: the image is out of focus flatly because neither the AF or the Human Eye Mrk1 had anything to focus on!

4"/f3.7/16mm/ISO400/Natural Colour

NOTE: This seems to be a good setting on the camera for nearly dark, but just enough light for the naked eye to see some detail and maybe some colour.: However it is better to secure more of the scene in focus than the MF will be able to do by setting a very high f stop like 22, and seeing what the camera says in Manual or P modes. The lower f stop may give the same exposure but I would expect the colours to be poorer.

Here are some more evening shots: ( wood on wood, loft lighting, the tower etc) surprising adjustments to the bracketing, worth setting out with a wide +/1 on Aperture prio' so to estbalish your depth of field and then just let more or less light in on exposure time. P often get's it wrong. I had left Spot AE on by accident.


AperturePrio/15/f14/114mm(228)/+0.7/ISO400/Natural colour/WB Auto

100mm(200)/25" f22 Iso 100. From RAW ORF, just some sharpening: very impressive DR, could have been better focused or on a heavier tripod

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