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mandag 4. oktober 2010

It all Hinges on the Bracket

There were two key things which were lacking on almost all compact zoom digital cameras: RAW file format and the Bracketed shot <<>> function. Now both are on the Olympus PENs but instead of saving a couple more months, carpe deum on a sub €400 eruo deal on the E450.

Bracketing used to be a manual operation in stepping usually just the aperture up and down one or more f stops around a presumed best fstop. Later it was introduced on 135 format ( 35mm) cameras when they went electronic and motordrive in particular.

Some cameras had a plus/minus exposure button, and this has become very popular on digital SLRs, allowing you to quickly toggle or wheel up-down the exposure one step or in fractions.

Any DSLR worth its' salt will now have a BKT function with atleast three steps ( - /0/ +) at definable increments or fractions of exposure steps. The E-450 fits the bill here

The following little sequence makes me very glad I didn't buy an LCD based experience, but rather a through-the-lens view because they were almost into the sun and it was a very, very bright day with little humidity in the air.

P ...87 94 mm( 188 mm on 135/ FF) 320/f5.6 0.0 / ISO 100/ VIVIV/ Centre Weighted AE

Base shot, first out; maybe a bit over exposed on the highlights, which the 400 series seem to handle quiter poorly : making white blocks with noise often.

P 88 94 mm 400/f6.3 -0.7

The leaves here have a nice saturation, but the shadows become heavy. Also the "corona" highlight on the leaf-edges is not noticeable.

P ...89 +0.7 250 / f5

Still a nice shot, the shadows now have full colour, while this fights with the vein detail in the leaves. THe leaves are a little washed out

This was infact, perhaps the nearest visual perception of the very brigh light, while the eye still sees colour in the shadows.

90 P ....90 zerio compensation 250 f 5.6

A little flat, in between saturated and not.

P ...91 320 f.6.3 -0.7 WINNER IS.....

The shadows are a little heavy, but a good balance between saturation and detail in the leaves: also, when cropped as in the top of the blog, the corona on the leaves is very evident and ...competition winning.

P....92 200 f 5 iso 100 vivid 86 mm ( 40-150) +0.7 Exp Comp / Centre weighted metering

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