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mandag 4. oktober 2010

Small Tips on Using the Olympus E450 DSLR

Now the E450 is seen as an entry level camera, but if you are like me a previous 1980s OM and manual camera user, then its' features are from outerspace:

So there are probably many, many useful or just mildly interesting functions which never get used by today's buyers of such a so called entry level little gem!

However, some default settings are really not ideal. Furthermore some settings are highly desirable when you get "that" shot situation you want to get right.

I've had the camera 8 months now: here are some tips / observations:

There are some odd defaults: vivid colour is just too much for me, natural is really true with muted being a little "ektachrome" in feel. Portrait colour seems a bit strange, but I have actually just discovered monotone on bracketed shots gives very good results Prog/ AUTO selects a slower shutter speed than I like to use, often under 250 and f8.
I set colour over to natural, centre weighted AE, and AF with three points, set fill flash on but deactivate auto pop up and am careful to check Prog is fast enough. Then the flash is always ready to fire just by hitting the hard button on the top.

Also I leave the braket function on, "toggeling" it's use with the frame shooting button and the exposure adjust in front of the shutter release. In other words on single shot you just quickly adjust to zero on the little front button, while as soon as you want brakceted shots , just switch the frames button on the top.

Sports mode is okay to secure the fastest available exp' for the light, but does not function with bracket and the continuous auto focus on live view is not fast neough for sports!

Fireworks effects does a damn good job, better than I could achieve, as does candle, night portrait and to some extent the virtual macro functions.

Night shots on a tripod : MF all the time, f8 and 15 seconds for say 20% of the scene having street/house lights or 22 for less light/ softer light; use the mirror delay function for this too.

Before you shut down! Another little tip is that the camera seems to use less power if you leave it on during a 2 to three hour period of sporadic shooting: ie boot up takes battery power. NB! Switch off live view and check it is been accidentally put on. It uses more power even with the lens cap on!

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