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fredag 8. oktober 2010

Meter Experiments with the Olympus E-450

The Olympus E450 continues to suprise me with the qaulity of it's various technical functions and the so called "budget" lens range of which I have three. As mentioned in the last blog I often use bracketed exposures onto a centre weighted auto exposure
In this series of almost identical content, I have only varied the camera's settings to produce very diverse look and feel for the images.

I started out with ordinary focus three points, and centre weighted auto exposure ( AE) I then went to two types of spot AE and down the spot AF to get the leaves in subject really on their own as it tirned out!

In these images the WB was set to auto, but it could have been tried with shadow or sun to experiment:: colours were natural, VIVID could have been too saturated and bright.

6904 ...42mm( =84@35mmFF camera) .80th/f5.6 ISO 400, Exp 0.0

Not a bad shot, nice hightlight on the leaves, a bit heavy contrast, but good depth / figure separation : a bit cluttered with bckgroung and other leaves in the same plane as the lit up one.

Shows why I wanted to experiment further:; this was a little brighter to the naked eye


6905: 42mm( =84@35mmFF camera) A (ap'priority) 80th/f5.6 -0.7 ISO 200 Spot focus highlight natural colours WB auto'

Just dumping fown one exposure on the camera dn going for highligh, mnakes the leaf instandtly stand out whiel the backgorund is more thrown in focus, darker while still interesting and not now a distraction but a reference for the eye

6906 as per 05 but 60th +0.7 ISO400

This if I remember right, is the closest to the naked eye because the leaf was super illuminated by a shaft of sunlight against the cliff backdrop and other shadows of trees to the left.

The saturation and brightness of the background is differnet from 04, for better or for æsthetically worse

.... .....9707 42mm/800th/f5.6 ISO 100 O.O Spot AE

The scene now takes on a ghostly moonlight apperance, with sharpeness in the detail around the main subjects, and a better attention grab for the three leaf sets.

9708 1250th/ -0.7 Spot Focus and AE

With the stop donw on auto bracket on the spot AE , this shot now is most definetly in the night vision category despite being taken in daylight. INteresting colours.

6909 500th Spot SH and Spot Focus

I will have to read up on Spot SH but in this case it really worked Once again a ghostly moonlight feel , but the best of the three darker.
Spot focus helps the image here too.

Hope i have the ORF file!!!

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